Before perfoming this mod you should read the tutorial on how to disassemble your NES console. click here to go there now.  

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by retrobrad 11 June 2007
  First up you need to unscrew the power/reset switch circuit card from the case, it's just two screws. Pull it out once it's unscrewed.  
  Allright, install the circuit card back into the console, plug it all in and turn it on - you should have a nice bright new power light!  
  Get your new LED and cut it to the same length as the old LED, then bend the leads and fit the LED into the power / reset circuit board as shown. (again it can be a bit tricky to get it in and will need to bend the legs in a certain way to install it.) Once fitted solder it in place.

Make sure you get the orientation of the LED correct or else it won't turn on!
  Now you can desolder the old LED and remove it (it can be a bit tricky to remove because you have to bend the legs to get it out - just use the pliers)  
  Soldering Iron  
  Solder Sucker or Solder Wick  
  5mm LED (your choice of colour)