You should have your SNES console all pulled apart before starting this tutorial. If not then click here to see how to open up your SNES console.  
  Okay now that you have your console all opened up, you need to pull the controller ports connection from the mainboard.  
  Now the annoying thing here is, to get to the LED you need to desolder the control ports which can be a bit tricky if you dont have a solder sucker - the next best thing is solder wick. So desolder all the joints holding it in, and then unclip the circuit board from the plastic housing, it should come out easily (so long as you desoldered all the legs properly).  

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  Replacing the LED from this point is easy! just desolder the two legs and take out the old LED.  
  Get your fancy new LED, cut the legs to the correct length and bend them (make sure the orientation is correct!). Solder the LED in and then solder the circuit card back to the connectors, put it in your console and test!

Looks pretty doesn't it!



by retrobrad - 09 June 2007