The Amiga 500 was my very first Amiga (and also my favourite!) It's only just recently that i have experimented with modifying one. This simple guide shows you how to pull apart your A500, to get it all ready for modding.  

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by retrobrad 11 August 2007
  Now turn the system up the right way and remove the top plastic cover.  
  Flip your Amiga 500 upside down and undo the screws (shown by the red arrows)  
  Alright, now remove the floppy drive and you should just be left with the mainboard in the plastic housing.  
  Next you need to unscrew the screws holding in the metal shielding and also lift the little metal tabs.  
  Now look at the rear of the system and unscrew all the nuts holding the board to the metal shielding (where all the red arrows are)  
  Remove the metal shielding and then unscrew the last screw holding in the floppy drive, also unplug the floppy drive connections from the main board.  
  Now you should be able to remove the mainboard from the system and thats it! you're all ready for modding!