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  Nintendo Gameboy White x4  
  Nintendo Gameboy Green x2  
  Nintendo Gameboy Red  
  Nintendo Gameboy Clear x2  
  Nintendo Gameboy Pocket Blue  
  Nintendo Gameboy Pocket Boxed aqua  
  Nintendo Gameboy Pocket Clear  
  Nintendo Gameboy Pocket aqua  
  Nintendo Gameboy Advance Purple  
  Nintendo Gameboy Color Purple x3  
  Nintendo Gameboy Color Aqua  
  Nintendo Gameboy Color Yellow x2  
  Nintendo Gameboy Pocket Silver  
  Nintendo Gameboy Pocket Gold x2  
  Nintendo Gameboy Camera Blue x2  
  Light Magic Magnifier  
  Joytech Light + Magnifier  
  Lightplayer + Magnifier  
  Gameboy Booster Boxed  
  Gameboy Color Light x2  
  Gameboy 4 Player Adapter  
  Gameboy Wireless Adapter  
  Spica Battery Pack + Charger  
  Nintendo Gameboy Light Gold  
  Adventure Island  
  Sneaky Snakes  
  Gameboy Gallery 5 in 1  
  Super Mario Land 2  
  Dr Mario  
  Solomons Club  
  The Little Mermaid  
  Dr Franken  
  Boomers Adventure in Asmik World  
  Tetris x2  
  Crash Test Dummies  
  Micro Machines 2  
  F*1 Race  
  Tetris 2  
  Apache (Jap)  
  Joust II (Jap)  
  Power Racer  
  Killer Instinct x2  
  Metroid II x2  
  Mortal Kombat II  
  Street Fighter II  
  Primal Rage x2  
  Fortress of Fear  
  Baseball x2  
  Marus Mission  
  Chase H.Q  
  Alien 3  
  Mario & Yoshi  
  Shadow Gate Classic  
  All Star Challenge  
  Slots (Jap)  
  The Lion King  
  Operation C  
  Nigel Mansells World Championship Racing  
  Kirbys Dreamland  
  The New Addams Family (Color)  
  Barbie Fashion Pack (Color)  
  Gameboy Gallery 4 (Color)  
  Bugs Bunny & Lola (Color)  
  Freestyle Scooter (Color)  
  The Jungle Book (Color)  
  Super Mario Land x2  
  Toy Story 2 (Color)  
  The Legend of Zelda  
  Donkey Kong Land  
  Dr Franken  
  12 in 1 (Color)  
  Super Mario Deluxe x2  
  Super Battle Tank  
  Olympic Summer Games  
  Star Wars  
  105 in 1 Cart  
  Fighting Game (Jap)  
  Dominoes (Jap)  
  Duck Tales 2  
  Fighting Game2 (Jap)  
  Wave Race  
  Super Mario Land 2 x4  
  Soccer (Jap)  
  Lock n' Chase  
  Gameboy Gallery 5 in 1 x2  
  Tomb Raider (Color)  
  Spiderman (Color)  
  Krustys Fun House  
  Batman Forever  
  Super 50 in 1  
  Super 18 in 1  
  Mario Kart Super Circuit (Advance)  
  32 in 1  
  Game USA 12 in 1  
  Game USA 32 in 1  
  Dr Franken  
  Pokemon Red  
  Pokemon Blue  
  Pokemon Silver  
  Pokemon Special Pikachu Edition  
  Super 10 in 1  
  Kirby's Dream Land  
  Tetris Plus  
  Elevator Action  
  Wario Land  
  Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle  
  Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure  
  32 in 1  
  Gameboy Gallery 2  
  Donkey Kong Land III  
  Total Consoles: 20  
  Total Games: 104  
  Total Boxed Games: 11  
  Total Loose Games: 93