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  The Amstrad GX4000 was released probably a bit too late. It was an 8-bit console released in 1990 (about the time that 16-bit consoles were emerging) The GX4000 was based on Amstrad CPC technology and as such, many of the games were playable on CPC systems.

In total there were less than 40 games released for the GX4000 and cartrdges cost around the $50 mark. Now you have to wonder why anyone would by a $50 cartridge for the GX4000 when you can buy the same game on cassette for around $10 for the CPC.

The system was voted 'worst console of the month' in a gaming magazine back in the day, and as soon as the Mega Drive and Super NES were released, the GX4000 was officially 'dead'.