The A4000, or Commodore Amiga 4000, was the successor of the A2000 and A3000 computers. The machine came in two models, the A4000/030 and the A4000/040, with a Motorola 68EC030 or Motorola 68040 CPU, respectively. The A4000/040 was first out, released in October 1992. The A4000/030 was released in April 1993.

The A4000 came in a white desktop box with a separate keyboard. Later there was also a tower version called the A4000T.

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  2× front accessible 3½ inch drive bays.
  1× front accessible 5¼ inch drive bay.  
  1× high density 3½ inch floppy disk drive.  
  2× internal 3½ inch drive mountings.  
  AGA chipset.  
  IDE disk interface.