Opening up your NES is dead easy! it doesn't use those wierd Nintendo Screws, so all you need is a phillips head screwdriver.  
  Flip the console over and unscrew the six screws to get it open.  
  Flip it up back the other way and take the top cover off, it should look something like this picture. Now unscrew all of the screws holding in the top metal shielding and remove it.  
  Once thats off, uncscrew the plastic cartridge holder and then unscrew the two remaining screws around the power supply, your mainboard should now be free and you can remove it. Now you can slide the cartridge holder out and place it aside  
  Last of all you need to unplug the control port and power connectors from the mainboard, then thats it! you're now ready for modding.  
by retrobrad - 11 June 2007

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