Okay, first things first, before you can even attempt any mods, you're going to need to get into your console right? Well here's a simple guide on how to open up your SNES ready for modding.

The SNES console is renowned for blowing its fuse if you don't dischage the capacitors properly.

How do i do this you ask?

Simple! just unplug your SNES and leave the power switch on for half an hour before doing any mods. (did you notice the power LED flash when you turned it on? - Thats the charge im talking about!) If you want to go one step further, you can desolder the fuse before doing any mods. (thats what i do).


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by retrobrad 10 June 2007
  Flip your console upside down and unscrew the six screws holding the outer casing together. (see picture) Once they're unscrewed, take the top cover off and place it to the side.  
  Now you need to unscrew the metal shielding and place it to the side also. theres just a couple more screws holding the mainboard in, unscrew those and you're ready to start modding!