This is super simple to do, all you require is a phillips screwdriver! yep - thats it!  

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by retrobrad 21 June 2007
  Now you've got something like this picture here, unscrew all the screws holding on the metal shielding, the two screws on the cartridge connector and the screws holding in the heatsink - you can now completely remove the mainboard.  
  Alrighty then, turn your console upside down and unscrew the six screws - Flip it back the right way up and remove the cover, you will need to straighten the power LED legs to remove it from the connector - then you can completely remove the cover.  
  Now that you've got your mainboard out, you need to unscrew the heatsink from the voltage regulators (those black things sticking up)  
  Thats it - you're now all ready for modding!