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  Nintendo SNES x10  
  Nintendo SNES Mario Allstars Boxed Set  
  Nintendo SNES Control Set Boxed x2  
  RF Adapters x7  
  Snes Control Pads x7  
  Super Famous Card Control Pad x1  
  Super Gameboy Adapter  
  Power pack x10  
  Killer Instinct  
  Donkey Kong Country 2  
  Donkey Kong Country  
  Mech Warrior 3050  
  Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing x2  
  World Class Rugby x2  
  Super International Cricket  
  Radical Rex  
  Super Star Wars x2  
  NBA Allstar Challenge  
  Super Mario Allstars x4  
  PGA Tour Golf  
  Mech Warrior 3050  
  Killer Instinct x2  
  NBA JAM x2  
  Terminator 2  
  Mortal Kombat 3 x2  
  Donkey Kong Country x2  
  Megaman X  
  Space Ace  
  Blazing Skies  
  Mortal Kombat  
  Pebble Beach Golf Links  
  The Chaos Engine  
  The Lost Vikings  
  Home Alone  
  Super Mario World  
  Donkey Kong Country 2 x3  
  Alien 3  
  Super Soccer  
  Qbert 3 (NTSC)  
  Contra 3 (NTSC)  
  Super Mario World 2 (NTSC)  
  Super Mario World (NTSC) x2  
  Turn and Burn no fly zone (NTSC)  
  Pilot Wings  
  Super Mario Kart  
  Virtual Bart x2  
  Mortal Kombat II  
  Dr Franken  
  Phantom 2040  
  Mighty Morphin Power Rangers  
  Judge Dredd  
  Super R-Type  
  World League Basketball  
  Williams - Arcade's Greatest Hits  
  Street Fighter II  
  Wolfenstein 3D  
  The Mask  
  Super Swiv  
  Donkey Kong Country 3  
  Super BC Kid  
  Darius Twin  
  Tetris 2  
  The Lion King  
  Soldiers of Fortune  
  Super Smash TV  
  Super Pinball  
  Revolution X  
  Wayne's World  
  Total Systems: 13  
  Total Controllers : 8  
  Total Games: 81  
  Total Boxed Games: 5  
  Total Loose Games: 76