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  Matador 105 Handheld Scanner  
  Wingman Joysticks x2  
  IBM Backpack 3.25 Drive  
  Easy pad Touch tablet  
  Flight Stick Joystick  
  Snow Strike  
  Panza Kick Boxing  
  Xtree Gold  
  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  
  Willy Beamish  
  Grand Prix Unlimited  
  Amazon Guardians of Eden  
  Mixed up Fairy Tales x2  
  Mario Teaches Typing  
  Shadow Lands  
  Expert Color n' Print  
  Ports of Call  
  Wing Commander  
  System Shock  
  Day of the Tentacle  
  Star Reach  
  Dream Web  
  Approx 300 Loose Floppy Discs  
  Flight of the Intruder  
  Total Accessories: 6  
  Total Boxed Software: 21  
  Total Loose Software: 300 (approx)