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  Sega Game Gear Console x10  
  Master Gear Converter  
  George Formans KO Boxing  
  Pac man  
  Factory Panic  
  Streets of Rage  
  Clutch Hitter  
  Woody Pop  
  Mortal Kombat  
  Joe Montana Football  
  Ceasars Palace  
  Sports Trivia  
  Sega game Pack 4in1  
  Jurassic Park  
  G-Loc x2  
  Sonic the Hedgehog  
  Columns x3  
  Desert Speed Trap  
  Streets of Rage  
  Sonic the Hedgehog 2 x2  
  Super Monaco GP  
  Phantom 2040  
  Super 68 in 1  
  Fantasy Zone  
  Total Consoles: 10  
  Total Games: 30  
  Total Boxed Games: 10  
  Total Loose Games: 20