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  Q: What do you get when you cross a Laptop with a NES console?


First of all i have to say sorry about the bad photos - These photos were taken before i had completed it and i have since sold it. I do have completed pictures of it (somewhere) ill just have to find them and then upload them.

Anyway, this little guy is a basically a NES housing with a laptop fitted into it. When you turn it on it just automatically boots into the NES emulator and you use the mouse to choose a game. I rewired everything inside including the power LED, Power switch and the control ports had to be-wired also (and i needed to modify the control pads so they would be compatable with it)

It's a great little console and can even run off batteries!
Oh, and by the way - those buttons under the cartridge hinge are buttons specific for the laptop and also volume up / down buttons.