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Welcome to Retrobrad!

This website is all about retro games! it's coming along slowly (because im only one man!) but its getting there... Ive now got the retro games forum up and running so feel free to join that and discuss whatever, you can also check out my retro collection and see if you want to swap anything in there. My downloads page is looking pretty bare at the moment but i'll keep adding to it whenever I can. you can download Video Game Cover Scans, they are high resolution so they're all good for printing.

If you're looking for modifications to your sega, nintendo, atari intellivision console etc... then check my mods page! I can perform these mods for you for a pretty small fee (trust me it's not a big money making venture!)

Any questions or comments email me -

Whats new?

21 Jan 2007

The Forum is now up and running!!! i'm the only registered user at the moment so lets see if anyone signs up???

20 Jan 2007

Today i've started an overhaul of the website, I plan to get the downloads section up and running in the very near future, ive given it a bit off a retro dos feel. Ive also started changing my retro collection around a bit. If anyone has any suggestions - let me know


27 Nov 2006

Added a whole heap of games to My Retro Collection  Added to Megadrive, Master System, Amiga 1200, Atari 2600, Atari 7800, Atari XE, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Gameboy, Nintendo Gameboy Color, Super Nintendo, IBM Compatable General, Sega Saturn and Commodore VIC20. Just click on the links in My Retro Collection, they have been added on the end.

4 Nov 2006

Revised Mega Drive 1 Modification, can now get colour video output when in NTSC 60hz mode

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