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  Q: What do you get when you cross a phone with a NES control pad?

A: A Phonetendo!

I used to use this great PDA phone - Motorolla A920 which these days you can grab off ebay for next to nothing. Anyway there were a whole heap of freeware emulators that it could run and you would play the games with the phone flipped on its' side. I decided i wanted to add a touch more retro realism to the experience and so the Phonetendo was born!

Unfortunately i didn't take any photos during it's manufacture, all i have to show is the end product, but i can tell you that it was a heck of alot of work to get it all to fit! It was just a matter of hacking both the control pad and the phone, rewiring it and then using some gray epoxy to hold it in place.

So have a look through the pics, or even go make one for yourself!