This is just a taste of Ike's collection and ive been told there are more photo's to come!  

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  Yes, that's right - It's a Turbografx 16!

Not many people have one of these treasures!
  A sega genesis with the Mega-CD II addon and a Super NES console with a universal adapter!  
  A very nice collection of boxed Master System games, definately not to be sneezed at!  
  And finally, we have a great lot of Mega Drive / Genesis games. (I wish I had a boxed copy of Prince of Persia...)  
  And to finish it off, a very nice MAME overlay.

Good job mate! i want to play it...
  The brains behind the cabinet, only a 1Ghz processor but what more do you need?  
  Here's an excellent MAME cabinet that Ike has made up! and the best part about it, he got the cabinet for FREE!!!

Here it is playing wonderboy, ahhh....