21 Oct 2007 Added ike to the your collection page  
07 Oct 2007 Added 43 Zzap64 Magazine Coverscans! click here
22 Sep 2007 Added Takeshi to the 'your collection' page!
02 Sep 2007 Updated my retro collection photos
  Created some new forum icons!
26 Aug 2007 Changed all the random screenshot images!
11 Aug 2007 Added the Amiga 500 1mb chip ram upgrade mod
  Added the Amiga 500 Disassembly Guide.
06 Aug 2007 Added the C64 XE1541 Cable Modification Guide
05 Aug 2007 Added about 30 more magazine cover scans
30 July 2007 Added some more magazine cover scans
27 July 2007 Added a few magazine cover scans
  Added another member to the 'your collection' section
21 July 2007 retrobrad pays tribute to the Commodore 64! - All the
  random screenshots this month are from the C64!
  Added photos of my games room
15 July 2007 Added 19 Boxed games to my Amiga Collection
09 July 2007 There are 5 Reviews ready for the next update...
08 July 2007 Fixed up the 'your retro collection' section
03 July 2007 Added the NESTOP to the tid bits section
02 July 2007 Added the Phonetendo to the tid bits section
  There are a few bugs im still ironing out, particularly in
  the arcade, but hopefully it will be fixed soon.
01 July 2007 Well the sites been up for a day now and things are off
    to a great start! There are 8 members in the forum and  
    ive had plenty of positive feedback! thanks guys!  
  01 July 2007 New site launch!  
  30 June 2007 Finished adding the first lot of Modifications  
  28 June 2007 Finished adding the first lot of tid bits!  
  20 June 2007 I've just been fixing a few bugs here and there...  
  02 June 2007 Sorry, still not ready yet.  
  22 May 2007 I thought it would be up by not, it's not...  
  03 May 2007 The old site is now closed  
  30 April 2007 My Birthday! i am now 25 years old!!!  
  18 April 2007 I have finally made a site theme im happy with.  
  10 April 2007 Work commences on the new retrobrad site!  
Welcome to the news archive.

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